Fashion Content

All his life Salvador Dalí had a great interest for the world of fashion. His meeting with Coco Chanel inspired him to design clothing, such as the costumes the theatrical piece, Bacchanale, and for the opera, Tristan Fou.

He designed the “lobster dress” and the Aphrodisiac Jacket (1936). In 1950 he created, with Christian Dior the special Costume for 1945 with drawers.

He also designed jewellery for women : The Eye of time (1949) based on the Persistence of Memory, and Rubis’ Lips (1950) based on the Mae West’s Lips Sofa. In 1981 his piece, “Apparition of the Face of the Aphrodite of Knidos in a landscape”, inspired him to make the bottles for the perfume Salvador Dalí Homme et Femme.

According to Dalí, art should invade life. He thus became interested in interior furnishings after meeting the famous interior designer Jean-Michel Franck.

In 1934-1935, Dalí produced, from a photographic portrait of Mae West, a gouache with the title : Face of Mae West which can be used as a surrealistic apartment.

Also presented here is the Salon au vis à vis de Dalí et Gala, which recreated the master’s projects going back to 1935-1937, such as the Lamp with drawers and the Lamp stand with crutches (produced from sketches made around 1936-1937).

For the interior he also designed a tableware series in Vermillon (1962).