Press Release - Joann Sfar - Salvador Dali, one second before awakening


Discover more than 200 original drawings, sketches, drafts in an enchanted setting surrounded by surrealist sculptures and objects by Dalí and the Haute Couture designs by Schiaparelli that inspired the Joann Sfar.

New hanging of the permanent collection


A new thematic scenography

The Didier Saco Design Agency created a new scenography with the intention of: presenting the infinite variety of inspirations, techniques and materials that compose the permanent exhibit at the Espace Dalí.

Exhibition Daum, Variation d'Artistes - press release


Who could bring together in the same exhibition the following artists: Arman, Ben, César, Paella Chimicos, Louis Derbré, Etienne, Carlos Mata, Hilton McConnico, Jérôme Mesnager, Alain Séchas, Richard Texier… and Salvador Dalí?
Only Daum can, the fam...

Dalí fait le mur - 22 street artists at Espace Dalí


In dialogue with the works exhibited at Espace Dalí, each of them created an artwork which dares to confront the surrealist universe with the vocabulary and the codes of urban art.
Akiza, Artiste Ouvrier, Fred Calmets, Codex Urbanus, Hadrien Durand-B...