Located at the end of the exhibition, the Art Gallery of Espace Dali offers the largest array of sculptures and graphic artworks by Dali for sale in France.

The Dalí Sculpture Collection presents a major aspect of Dali's artistic creation. Each of the 19 sculptures embodies iconic and symbolic elements dear to the artist. Cast in bronze with the lost wax technique, each bronze is a limited edition, numbered and authentified with an official Certificate of Authenticity and Foundry Certificate.

A selection of rare graphic artworks, hand-signed by Dali, is also provided by our Art Advisors : each is presented in the Catalogue Raisonné édited by M. Albert Field, the reference catalogue concerning this aspect of Dali's work.

The Dali Sculpture Collection

"As with his other creations, Salvador Dalí s three-dimensional work is already part of this century's art history, alongside the research done by his contemporaries. 
The surrealist objects and those of other genres: the sculptures, the hapennings, environments and costumes are all part of a "Dali in Space" as a whole, the element in which the genius gives himself free reign in shaping images, in glorifying chance, in eroticizing objects in the freedom of assemblage; a breath of fresh air flowing over the past "ready-made" and above all, the fascination of new temporal and interspatial notions which assume the precise shape of a horse going from the Earth to the Moon."
Robert Descharnes,
Expert and author of the Catalogue Raisonné Dali, le Hard and the Soft, Sculpture and Objects.

Discover the Dali Sculpture Collection for sale at Galerie Dalí

Alice au pays des Merveilles, Salvador Dalí

bronze, numéroté 350 plus 35 EA

L'éléphant Spatial, Salvador Dalí

bronze, numéroté 350 plus 35 EA

Adam et Eve, Salvador Dalí

bronze, numéroté 350 plus 35 EA

Danse du Temps I, Salvador Dalí

bronze, numéroté 350 plus 35 EA

Femme en flammes, Salvador Dalí

bronze, numéroté 350 plus 35 EA

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