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Permanent exhibition

Dalí as you've never seen before!

The collection is the fruit of the emblematic surrealist artist's extravagant inspiration: theatrical sculptures, erotic, dreamlike or irresistibly humorous engravings, poetic objects and furniture, are all part of the phantasmagorical universe of the inventor of soft watches.

From dreamlike sculptures…

Salvador Dalí never ceased to sculpt, to mould, to transform : his bronze sculptures are one of the major contribution to his legacy, transforming in 3 dimension his iconic surrealist patterns. From the Space Elephant with spindly legs, to the Soft Watches, each lost wax bronze sculpture is a dreamlike incarnation of his favorite themes

… to Art Books full of wonders

Dalí had an encyclopedic culture and was fascinated by major themes from literature, mythology and religion. He used many different techniques to illustrate universal texts: Alice in Wonderland, Romeo and Juliet, Don Quixote, The Bible… as well as more personal works, such as Moses and Monotheism or The Alchemy of the Philosophers. Each book is an art object.

Crossover themes, for an original interpretation of Dalí's artworks

In his quest for immortality, Dalí reinterprets icons from art history, such as Venus di Milo and her many metamorphoses; with his soft watches, he attempts to control time that passes. He explores irrational worlds, inspired by Freud, adding wings to a snail or drawers to a Minotaur. His love for Gala, his muse, whom he calls his oxygen, inspires his great illustrations: Romeo and Juliette, Ovid's Art of Love, Tristan and Isolde. We owe his passion for science and mathematics, for many artworks that border on knowledge and belief, optics, atoms, DNA, Newton, alchemy and the philosopher's stone. "I believe that artists should have scientific notions, so as to walk on different terrain, which is that of unity." Salvador Dalí

The only permanent exhibition of Salvador Dali's Artworks in Paris